Sunday, November 9, 2008

Some great pics!!!! YAY!

So here is more info on my trip. I wanted to let everyone know exactly where I am going. This shows where Gambia is in Africa. It's a small country completely surrounded by Senegal (where we will be flying into). It is on the coast and alot of my trip will be spent by the beach (at least when I'm not working). Im really excited about seeing their culture and learning about their music. I am actually in a World Music class where I learned a bit about Gambia's music and their instruments. They are mostly percussive, which I am not familiar with. I play clarinet, so their music should seem pretty foreign to me. lol Anyways...I also have some other pictures!
That's a picture of the hotel I will be staying at! It is called the Bakadaji Hotel and it is really close to the hospital and school we will be working at! It's so beautiful there and actually doesn't look all that different from Florida. lol We will have roommates and suite mates and I've been told by people who have already been on this trip that everyone kinda ends up together sleeping on each other's couches and stuff. It will be 12 premed students, some med students, pharmacy students, doctors and residents.That's another picture of the hotel. I don't really know if we will be staying in a bungolow or villa, Im sure i'll find out about that later. But I do know that in this area of Gambia there are monkeys which play in the trees around the hotel and hospital. I don't think I've ever seen a monkey so that is pretty exciting! Anyways, I should be getting some more info soon....and I'll be getting my passport pretty soon too! I'll keep you up to date about that! Talk to you soon!


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