Thursday, November 6, 2008

To Begin...

So I have some pretty exciting news! I will be going to Gambia to study abroad for 2 weeks this summer. I will be there to help out a hospital and work with the doctors there to help improve the health care of Gambia. As you can imagine, I'm incredibly excited and I really want everything to go as smoothly as possible. This blog is going to include information about my training for the trip, fundraising (because its super expensive and I don't really have the money to go) and any another trip related stuff (like getting my passport and visas and stuff). I will also bring my computer there and keep you guys updated during my trip! I hope to get a pretty good following for this blog...I'll keep it interesting, I promise! A close friend of mine will be going on the trip as well and I will provide him with the password to this account so he can write about his experiences too. He will be doing the same training program as me and will also be participating in the same fundraisers. Neither of us have ever been out of the country so we will be getting our passports together pretty soon, which is SO exciting. A bit of info to start you off:

The cost of the trip is $1500 for the credits and ground costs plus the cost of my ticket there is going to be ALOT of fundraising.

We will be there for 2 weeks in July.

We will be bringing medication such Tylenol and mosquito nets to the people of Gambia to help out as much as possible.

There will be no air not happy about that fact.

The trip is being organized by Arts in Medicine at Shands. They have been there many times and know the ropes.

I think that's all I got for ya now. I'll upload some picks of where we are staying and such later. I'm at the library though and I should probably head home. Please visit my blog often to keep yourself updated!



Claudia said...

Gambia? In Africa? Oy Vey!!LOL

I love you and I am so proud of you there are no words.


Ang said...

Good Luck girl!!..I'll be saying prayers for you and Mom!!