Monday, November 10, 2008

World Music Ensembles!!

So last night I went to UF's annual world musics ensembles concert. I must say, after attending that, I realized how uptight we are here in America. The Cuban group had like half the audience up on stage dancing (including me). I happened to see my professor while I was up there, and he made a pretty snide comment about me dancing up on stage during class today. But anyways, it was really interesting to see other culture's music and dance. There was also an Western African ensemble and dance group which interested me a lot. I really want to join the ensemble next semester so I can learn as much as I can about Gambian culture (and music) before I get there. Since I will be working at a hospital which has an Arts in Medicine part to it, I would really like to learn about their art before I subject them to my own. lol Anyways, overall it was pretty interesting. They were in very colorful and elaborate costumes and the music was almost entirely percussive, except for a bit of singing. Of course they had the whole audience dancing and singing by the end of their performance too. Needless to say, I had a great time at this concert last night and I'm super excited to participate in the ensemble next semester. I know this post didn't have much to do with Gambia, but I still thought it was interesting and fun! lol

On another note, I think I'm getting my passport this week. I'll keep you guys up to date about it....I'm SUPER excited though!

-Kerry :)


Ang said...

Don't let the teacher's snide comment get to you..he was probably sitting on several thumbtacks and couldn't enjoy the performance without grabbing his bum to extract them. (ooops my bad)

Enjoy your learning!

Claudia said...

Well, Peewee, if you are going to subject the Gambians to your art and culture you'll need to teach them about DVF, Coach and Juicy Couture. LOL

I'm glad you are 4njoying learning about other cultures.

Love ya,